World Class Universities Offer Education To Low Scoring Students

Getting an under graduate and a post-graduate degree is everyones dream, however, there are some people who are unable to secure top marks and fail to pursue their dream education from a reputed college or a well known university. In cases where people really couldnt afford quality higher education due to low scores, there are many universities which have come up with distance education MBA or other bachelor and post graduate degrees.

Moreover, many top notch universities have also open the door of high quality graduation and post graduation education to the students who fail to score good marks. And, to make all this possible, universities have decreased the minimum percentage of marks required, which is just 60% now to get admission in courses such as electronics engineering, BBA aviation and MBA power management. However, to get admission in world class universities with such low marks, students must have either scored or they need to score minimum at least 60% marks in secondary as well as senior secondary exams.

And usually, there are only a few courses that cannot be opted for by individuals after completing their schooling, viz. Bachelor of Technology, BDS and MBBS. These are the courses which a student from a science background can opt for, but there is one more glitch. In the Indian education system students having physics, chemistry, biology, and math can get in any of the available courses. But, students having physics, chemistry and math with computer science can never opt for BDS or MBBS as their course choice.

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The Ashram School, For Holistic Education

What you see Everything about this school is bright and cheery. The bright orange gate on the Velachery Main Road announces The Ashram School in white lettering. The uniforms comprise a cheery orange top with checked skirt, shorts or trousers, as the case may be. And the school vans are white and yellow (they offer conveyance to all major localities from where the students come).

What you get For The Ashram School, fame was never difficult to bag. After all, it is owned by Latha Rajnikant, wife of South Indias biggest film star Rajnikant. Now however, it seems to have various other reasons for its fame as well. One of the reasons is that The Ashram School emphasizes on holistic learning instead of just academics. So kids here are encouraged to learn yoga, dramatics and the arts.

The Ashram encourages self-expression and free thinking. This is most evident in the fact that though the Matriculation system of education is followed for the junior classes, once the child gets into the sixth grade, the parent has the option of switching him/her to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) system or the Cambridge system that is the British O and A levels (helpful for those sure of going abroad for further studies) or even the Ashram Boards own in-house system of education (though this certificate is not recognized in a lot of places, there are some takers for it).

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SAS,VBA Excel Training in Noida Delhi

Anasa technologies offers training programs for organizations, entering to new technologies or up gradation of existing one or even in depth training program. Employee training program for up gradation on latest versions is a matter of concern for the management. Because of work pressure companies not get sufficient time to arrange training. We are providing placements assistance to our students in good brands like American express, Accenture, TCS, CSC, Barclays, AON Hewitt.

Sas training in noida

SAS (pronounced “sass”, originally Statistical Analysis System) is an incorporated structure of software products. This SAS Training: Advanced SAS Programming and Efficiencies course is intended for those who have previously attended SAS Fundamentals,SAS Programming and SAS Macro.Additionally we recommend that attendees have six months of regular SAS programming experience to gain the most benefit from this course.

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Elementary School Fundraising Ideas Holding An Art Exhibition

Among the different kinds of elementary school fundraising ideas nowadays, art exhibits are among the most neglected ones. Kids really love being artsy by drawing, painting, and making different types of colorful crafts. Parents as well as other people are huge fans of kids art creations, which means that holding an event that features these things will be an excellent yet really easy fundraiser idea that you can carry out without too much effort.

Art exhibit are of the most fun elementary school fundraising ideas that will allow you to easily motivate your students to work really hard to raise money for their school. For this fundraiser idea, the first thing you need to do is to find and choose a good venue where you can showcase the crafts of your students. Your schools hall can serve is one the best places you can choose for this fundraising event. On the other hand, if you are expecting a lot of guests and if you want to make your event classier, you can try finding a more elegant place such as an assembly room, community center, or town hall.

The next thing you need to take into consideration would be the types of art that your students will be creating. Making a choice for this basically depends on your school. A good idea would be to ask your students to create artworks that are reflective of your school. In this manner, you will get the chance to raise money while getting a shot at advertising your school at the same time. After this, you need to choose the students in your school who will be making the artworks that are going to be featured during your schools art exhibit. If you want your event to be a really extravagant and colorful one, you can try to ask every single student in your school to make an artwork. In this manner, you can give all of your students the chance to make a contribution while allowing them to have some fun at the same time. If you let all of your students join in, you will surely be able to draw in a lot of guests for your event.

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How To Teach Preschool Kids Analytical Skills

Kids are born curious. Even as babies, they are fascinated by the world around them. When I was pregnant, the midwife who conducted the prenatal course related a story a baby she helped deliver. The moment the baby’s head popped out of her mother’s body, the infant looked around the room with wide open eyes, eager to take in her new surroundings. She wasn’t officially born yet, not until the next push anyway.

Babies are eager to learn, as are preschool kids. This is the time to teach them to think. To analyze and deduce things for themselves. Don’t keep spoonfeeding them. Challenge them with puzzles which they have to figure out on their own.

As soon as the child can sit up, get him or her stacking rings and let him or her play with them. A favourite toy I had as a child was a box with holes to fit different shapes all around it. Shape sorting is a math-related skill that helps a child develop his or her analytical skills.

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